Excel Workflows with Spreadsheet Router

Spreadsheet Router turns your Excel files into flexible workflow applications that connect users and data.

1. Your Excel forms

You use Excel forms to collaboratively collect important data with colleagues and stakeholders.

  • your existing well-tested forms
  • your business data infrastructure

2. Your workflows

Define your workflow around your Excel files. Model in Spreadsheet Router when which users and roles shall do which tasks around your Excel forms.

  • intuitively model workflows without any code
  • transparent task distribution

3. Hassle-free Excel workflows

Spreadsheet Router routes your Excel files through the workflow and ensures that the right users do the right tasks and fill out the right forms at the right time.

  • realtime monitoring of KPIs, Excel form data as well as workflow performance data
  • all benefits of a big workflow management system with minimal effort and with your existing and well-tested Excel forms

Model and configure workflows and tasks using a sleek and intuitive interface

Security for your data through automated versioning and central data management

Automated routing of your Microsoft Excel® files to users based on fully configurable workflows

More efficient processes through workflow features like flexible task management, delegation and automated escalation rules

SaaS application in the cloud or on-site installation

Sophisticated charts for monitoring Excel form data, KPIs and workflow performance in realtime

Software made by workflow expert AristaFlow that adapts to your requirements

Excel Workflows made easy

Capture and optimize Excel workflows without coding

Spreadsheet Router’s easy to use GUI assists you in defining workflows, tasks and task assignments for process users as well as forms based on your Microsoft Excel® files.

All at a glance

Spreadsheet Router shows you exactly which tasks are due in the next days and which users are working on a particular Microsoft Excel® file.

Working on Excel files is as easy as it gets

Open and work on your Microsoft Excel® files directly from your task list in Spreadsheet Router’s workflow client or in Microsoft Outlook®. Changes will automatically updated through central data management.

Realtime data monitoring

Use sophisticated realtime charts not only on data from your Excel® files but also on KPIs and workflow performance data. Thus, identify bottle necks already at an early stage.


Win-win for everyone

Business loves

  • familiar Excel interface
  • use existing well-tested Excel forms
  • your data, your individual workflows
  • efficient task management with delegation, escalation and substitute rules for absence of users
  • instantly insights into your data and workflows
  • quick and cost-effective solution
  • no more versioning conflicts of Excel files
  • less communication overhead

IT loves

  • easy to configure, ready for use
  • simple integration into existing infrastructure (e.g., LDAP)
  • low effort, no big strategic project
  • data security through central data management
  • SaaS in the cloud or on-site installation
  • software and know-how from workflow expert AristaFlow
  • extendable to a fully-fledged workflow management system even without Excel at any time
  • happy users

Try Spreadsheet Router for free

Register to try Spreadsheet Router for free for 4 weeks.You can start automating Excel Workflows right away. The test account will expire automatically after a 4 weeks time.

If you like Spreadsheet Router, just go on using it productively after testing. If you prefer an on-site installation over a SaaS cloud solution, let us know.



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4 weeks

SaaS (Cloud)

7 € per user & month



7,50 € per user & month


*Microsoft Excel® – used with permission from Microsoft