Spreadsheet Router pricing model

The modules of the Spreadsheet Router can be licensed and operated in two ways: Software as a Service (Saas in the Cloud) or on-premises (on-site).
With the Saas option, your Spreadsheet Router instance is operated in the cloud and made available to you via a corresponding company-specific access.
In the on-premises option, we provide you with a virtual machine (VM), which you can then operate on your own server.


0 €

4 weeks

Saas (Cloud)

7 € per user & month



7,50 € per user & month


The different selling prices for the Saas (Cloud) and the On-Premises solution are based on the increased maintenance and support costs for the On-Premises variant.
The functionality of the Spreadsheet Router is identical in both license models.
The system requirements for the On-Premises solution can be downloaded here.

Basic modules

The Spreadsheet Router´s basic modules include everything you need for a successful implementation and stable operation of your Excel business processes. These include the Spreadsheet Router Server and the Spreadsheet Router Clients.

Spreadsheet Router Server

The Spreadsheet Router Server is the central component of the Spreadsheet Router.
The Server provides the whole functionality needed for operation. It handles everything related to Excel template management, authentication, user management, data management and process control.

Functions at a glance

  • Management of spreadsheet templates
  • Administration and versioning of Excel communication paths (Workflows)
  • Administration of users and permissions
  • Execution and routing of workflows
  • Automatic task assignment
  • Administration of workflow and technical Excel data

Spreadsheet Router Client

For participants involved in an Excel workflow, the Spreadsheet Router Client is the graphical interface to AristaFlow`s process world. In the Spreadsheet Router Client you can see at a glance which tasks are currently pending for you, their deadlines and the urgency you have to deal with them.
The Spreadsheet Router Client is completely web-based and does not require installation on client-side. For easier interaction between Excel and the Spreadsheet Router Client, we recommend installing the Excel Add-In on client machines.

Functions at a glance

  • Start and edit tasks
  • Real-time monitoring of data and workflows
  • Create and maintain users, roles and abilities
  • Creation of graphical Excel workflows
  • Creation of graphical reports based on the collected data
  • Overview of running and completed Excel workflows
  • Search and filter collected Excel data