SR Tutorial: Disable Protected View in Excel

This tutorial shows how to disable Protected View in Excel.

SR Tutorial: Start spreadsheet task

See how easy it is to edit your Excel file and forward it to the next user in the Spreadsheet Router.

SR Tutorial: Start spreadsheet template

Start spreadsheet template in Spreadsheet Router.

SR Tutorial: Create spreadsheet template

Find out how to create a spreadsheet template in the Spreadsheet Router.

SR Tutorial: Define areas with Name Manager

See how to use the Name Manager to define areas in Excel.

SR Tutorial: Add user

In this tutorial, you will learn how you can add a user in the Spreadsheet Router as an administrator.

SR Tutorial: Change password

Learn in the first tutorial how quickly and easily you can change your password in the Spreadsheet Router.

Master's thesis: Edit permissions of evaluations

The Spreadsheet Router in action: "Process-based data provision for the risk reporting of a medium-sized private bank" - Maximilian Schnitzlein from the University of Ulm shows how it's done in his master's thesis.

Successful use at the University of Ulm

AristaFlow Spreadsheet Router at the University of Ulm successfully in usage. With the help of the Spreadsheet Router, students of "Economics" consolidate the learned basics of information systems and Business Process Management.