A workflow management system for Excel spreadsheets

Excel and workflow management?

Excel is probably not everybody’s favorite tool. Yet it is widely used and has become a multi purpose tool in many companies. Many companies even use Excel for workflow management.

In lack of a proper workflow tool, Excel spreadsheets are used to track tasks and processes  and to collect and exchange data between multiple users. Typically, one user enters information into his part of the spreadsheet and then e-mails it to other users who, in turn, do their tasks fill out their parts of the spreadsheet form. This kind of workflow coordination through exchanging spreadsheets via e-mails clearly lacks transparency. It can also cause many issues like multiple versions of the same spreadsheet that need to be merged.

We all know Excel is very powerful tool that has many pros. It is available at most work stations and offers a plethora of features to create user-friendly and sophisticated spreadsheets, forms and charts.

Excel is excellent for creating Spreadsheets and forms, collecting Information and evaluating data.

However, Excel is not suitable for automating workflows and coordinating processes.

Turn existing Excel spreadsheets into real workflow applications

Why not use Excel for its strength and still benefit from process automation and monitoring through a workflow management system? That is exactly what Spreadsheet Router is for.

Spreadsheet Router makes creating and managing workflows is very easy. You can turn existing and well-established Excel spreadsheets into real workflow applications simply by defining the workflows and tasks that happen around the spreadsheets in Spreadsheet Router. Workflow definition is as easy as it can be and requires no coding at all. Spreadsheet Router routes your spreadsheets to the users and roles predefined in the workflow in the predefined order. Tasks no longer have to be assigned and tracked using workarounds. Instead users can easily see all upcoming tasks in a dashboard and complete their tasks in time.
Spreadsheet Router makes it easy for you to establish individual routine workflows around your Excel forms that are flexible yet transparent and can be monitored properly.

With data-based conditional splits / tasks, advanced decision management, task due dates, escalation rules for due tasks, replacement rules for absent users and many more you have all the features that you would expect from an excellent workflow management system. Central data management and automatic data updates prevent issues like multiple copies of the same spreadsheet and data conflicts.

Let us show you how Spreadsheet Router works in an online demo or have a look at our short tour on how to automate Excel workflows.

If you decide to replace Excel some day, no problem at all. Spreadsheet Router is easily extendable to be used even without Excel. We have more than 10 years expertise in developing workflow management systems. Contact us!