Installation of the Spreadsheet Router Add-In for Excel

Why Install the Spreadsheet Router Add-In for Excel?

  • The installation of the Spreadsheet Router add-in for Excel is strongly recommended.
  • It facilitates communication between Excel and Spreadsheet Router.
  • The add-in allows for directly opening and saving the Excel worksheet from Spreadsheet Router.
  • When saving the Excel worksheet, data relevant for Spreadsheet Router will be automatically updated and synchronized.
  • Manual upload of the Excel worksheet after editing is no longer necessary with the add-in.
  • Of course you can use Spreadsheet Router without the add-in.

Installation and Activation

  • Download the add-in for your office version here:
  • Double click the installer SpreadsheetRouterAddIn.exe.
  • Click on 'Install'.
  • Once installed, open your Excel and check whether a tab 'Spreadsheet Router' is now available.
  • If so, the add-in has been successfully installed and activated.


Manual Activation

  • If the Spreadsheet Router tab is not yet available after installation, the add-in needs to be activated manually.

  • Go to Microsoft Excel  Files > Options > Add-Ins.
  • Choose in the drop-down 'COM Add-Ins' and click on the button to manage COM add-ins.

  • Check the checkbox for Spreadsheet Router and confirm with 'OK'.

  • The Spreadsheet Router Add-In is now activated. You should see the Spreadsheet Router tab in Excel.

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