SR Tutorial: Ensure the duration of an operation

Define the processing duration of an operation and ensure it.

SR Tutorial: Read maturity from spreadsheet

Read due dates and ensure timely processing.

SR Tutorial: E-mail notification when a task is due

Set e-mail notification when a task is due.

SR Tutorial: Model loops (loop block)

Learn how to model loops and how to return the Excel form to the original processor.

SR Tutorial: Export data to Excel

See how to export the collected data from multiple processes to an Excel file.

SR Tutorial: Assign task to a role

With the Spreadsheet Router, process steps can be assigned not only to users but also to roles.

SR Tutorial: Read agent from spreadsheet

See how you can specify the processor for a process step in a spreadsheet.

SR Tutorial: Model parallel work (AND block)

In this tutorial you will learn how to model and execute parallel editing of an Excel file.

SR Tutorial: Create Excel evaluation

Create evaluations based on your Excel process data. We'll show you how it's done.