Author: Inna Grünwald

Time tracking in home office with Excel

How to digitalize time tracking processes for working from home staff

Tutorial: How to reset ongoing tasks

How to reset ongoing workflow tasks with Spreadsheet Router

How to use Spreadsheet Router without Excel Add-In

You can use Spreadsheet Router to use Excel worksheets in a collaborative workflow even without an Excel add-in.

How to restrict editing in Excel forms in workflow tasks

In Spreadsheet Router, you can select cells and parts of an Excel worksheet that are relevant and can be edited for each task of your workflow.

How to set focus on a particular cell in the Excel worksheet for a workflow task

Spreadsheet Router lets you specify for each workflow task which cell to set focus on when the Excel worksheet is opened for the workflow task.

SR Tutorial: Edit permissions of evaluations

Permission sequence 8/8: Edit permissions of evaluations.

SR Tutorial: Edit permissions of spreadsheet templates

Permission sequence 5/8: Edit permissions from spreadsheet templates.

SR Tutorial: Assign edit permission for evaluations

Permission sequence 7/8: Assign edit permission for evaluations.

SR Tutorial: Assign read permission for evaluations

Permission sequence 6/8: Assign read permission for evaluations.