SR Tutorial: Import example process

Learn how to import and use our sample manufacturing processes as a starting point for your own processes

SR Tutorial: Forward spreadsheet task

Watch this video to see how easily a spreadsheet task can be forwarded to another user

SR Tutorial: Disable Protected View in Excel

This tutorial shows how to disable Protected View in Excel.

SR Tutorial: Start spreadsheet task

See how easy it is to edit your Excel file and forward it to the next user in the Spreadsheet Router.

SR Tutorial: Start spreadsheet template

Start spreadsheet template in Spreadsheet Router.

SR Tutorial: Create spreadsheet template

Find out how to create a spreadsheet template in the Spreadsheet Router.

SR Tutorial: Define areas with Name Manager

See how to use the Name Manager to define areas in Excel.

SR Tutorial: Add user

In this tutorial, you will learn how you can add a user in the Spreadsheet Router as an administrator.

SR Tutorial: Change password

Learn in the first tutorial how quickly and easily you can change your password in the Spreadsheet Router.